Westco Smart Homes
          We are a Southern California institution, specializing in Home Automation,  Custom Dimming Systems, Lighting Design, and Energy Savings!

Westco's expertise in residential construction began in 1984 when our retail project owners asked if we could look at the electrical work being done in their homes. They were not satisfied with their electricians, complaining about a misplacement of lights, a lack of outlets, and poor lighting.  They needed more out of their lighting systems, wanting to control all of their exterior lights from one switch, to have preset lighting scenes available at the touch of a button, and to have more advanced lighting control with a less complicated system.  It became obvious to us that there were few electrical contractors that really understood the residential client's needs and expectations, and were willing to perform. At Westco we ask the right questions, and offer the best options tailored to your wants and needs. 

We are a leading designer and installer of home automation, dimming and control systems. Controlling the same lights from 1 to many locations is possible and practical, and all with only a single gang wall plate at each location, it is easy to use and visibly appealing.  There is no longer a need for multi-gang switches that not only take up space on the wall, are cumbersome to use, look ugly, and make turning on and off specific lights complicated and confusing.  The homeowner no  longer needs to go to many switch locations to turn off every light in the house, this can now be done from a single button next to the bed in the master suite, or at the garage entry.

We are one of the largest Vantage Controls dealers in the US, and due to our vast experience and understanding of the home owner's needs, this has led us to reach Platinum Level in sales. We have completed projects on residences of all sizes, from 3,000 square feet to over 53,000 square feet, and tailor every project to meet each client's specific needs. As a Vantage Certified Managing Dealer, Infusion or Qlink programming or re-programming is our specialty! Vantage consistantly sends Westco to assist other dealers in their efforts.

Our advanced systems allow you to do more that just manage your lighting, you can also control shades, drapes, heating or air conditioning, fountains, pools & spas, fireplaces, awnings, skylights, audio & video, etc., and you can do it all from a keypad, touchscreen, or even your    iPhone or Android.  Your entire home becomes effortlessly accessible just with the touch of a button!

We specialize in making the system simple and easy to operate, as well as making it extremely intuitive, so that small children and aging parents alike find the system easy to use and understand with almost  no instruction. The technologies are advanced but the operation is basic, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of an automated home, without the stress or frustration of learning how to use new equipment.

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Westco Smart Homes